8 Foods that You Should Taste Before You Die

Traveling is the best way to come across various foods that you rarely see in your country. It is one of the best things about traveling. However, when there are plenty of foods to try, it can be tough to know where to start.

So, we make an effort and try to tell you about different countries’ signature cuisines that you must try whenever you visit these places. These are the food that most people recommend to taste before you die!

1 – Stinky Tofu

two boiled eggs

Stinky tofu for the people who think tofu is a boring dish, they should try to taste for a different flavor. It may smell like spoiled cheese, but when you passed the smell there, you will get the real flavor. Stinky tofu is a Chinese and Japanese dish.

It is typically fermented for days to months in brine prepared from vegetables, fermented milk, meat, fish, or a mixture.

After marination and fermentation in the brine, it is typically deep-fried and consumed with condiments such as soy sauce or pickles. Try it if you crave for a new flavor!

2 – Bryndzove Halusky

Bryndzove Halusky is a Slovakia national dish. Like the USA’ baked potatoes loaded with cheese, bacon, and cream, the Slovakians dish includes bacon, cream, and cheese. Enjoy this food with a glass of your favorite drink. This dish is known for its mouth-watering flavor, and you can move back from Slovakia with tasting it!

3 – Callaloo

Callaloo uses the leafy greens of Trinidad and Tobago. You can also consume it as soup. Trini callaloo blends eddo leaves with crab, white or green onions, pimento, peppers, and thyme, though other Caribbean’s have their versions utilizing various native plates.

The dish comes from West Africa but gets its way to the Caribbean during slavery. Callaloo is a nutritious dish that needs your attention. So, if you get a chance to eat this food, don’t turn down the offer as you will regret later!

4 – Rocky Mountain Oysters

This famous American dish is prepared from bull testicles. Rocky Mountain oysters were the invention of ranchers who utilized each part of the animal for food.

These days, you can prepare this dish with the testicles of beef, lamb, and bison. Rocky mountain oysters are deep-fried until crispy and eaten with cocktail sauce for more taste.

5 – Kimchi

Kimchi is a popular Korean dish. Koreans cannot imagine their diet with it. Kimchi is prepared with fermented vegetables. It is formed to make perishable vegetables remain for a more extended period. This fermentation also makes this dish healthy and probiotic.

6 – Jerk Chicken

You cannot just leave Jamaica without eating its signature dish, jerk chicken. This dish is prepared by marinating meat or chicken in spices involving peppers, ginger, cinnamon, and thyme. Its spicing can be moderate or feel like a burning fire, relied on the number of chilies utilized in the seasoning.

7 – Goi Cuon

In Vietnam, people use fresh veggies and fish, rolling them into rice paper. Then serve them to their guests. So, you can consider it as one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam.

This delicious spring roll is eaten at room temperature with fried salmon, chicken or pork, and garlic or lettuce. Also, you cannot forget hoisin sauce that is also part of this dish.

8 – Falafel

Falafel is the Middle East dish, and it is thought that Egyptians were the first creator of this dish. This meal includes ground chickpeas rolled into a ball with white onions, different spices, and herbs.

In this time zone, Falafel is one of the most famous dishes in Israel. In this country, hot balls are stuffed into pita bread to prepare a sandwich, paired with a refreshing combination of cucumber, onion, and cherry tomatoes.

Final World

There are lots of foods in this world that you should taste before you die. But the listed foods are the best among them. Hopefully, you will not miss the opportunity to try this food whenever you are lucky and get the perfect chance to eat them!

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